Eleftherios Giakoumakis (also Lef or Ελευθέριος Γιακουμάκης)

Self-taught blockchain developer
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Blockchain freelancer (2019 - Present)

I am a contracts dev. I mainly write smart contracts from scratch or modify existing popular ones and integrate them with React. I also write documentation and create all kinds of tests with Foundry and Hardhat like forking and fuzzing. In total I would say I have worked with more than 15 different teams.

Security auditor (2021 - Present)

I am really interested in smart contracts security, so I have been providing auditing services to a few clients like I’m also involved in smart contract security and bug hunting communities ( Code4rena,, Immunefi )


- Uniswap hooks bootcamp - , 2024

- Chainlink Bootcamp , 2024

- Self learning BlockChain developer (Solidity/React/Typescript/Node.js), 2020

- Blockchain Developer, National Kapodistrian Uni of Athens (99/100), 2020

- MSc, Introduction to Digital Currencies (91/100), Uni of Nicosia, 2018

- MSc, Aerospace Engineering, Cranfield Uni, 2013 and 2015

- BSc, Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), 2011